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Notes to Legal Acquisition, Transfer & Registration of Real Feudal Titles

Notes on acquiring & transferring real feudal Lordship & Barony Titles with confirmation of Authenticity by UK Registered Solicitors (SRA)

England is almost unique in the world in still having legally valid Lordship titles which can be bought and sold. The conveyance, transfer or aquisition of a genuine manorial or feudal Lordship Title is a serious transaction and requires correctly executed legal documentation. Only a full set of consecutive deeds dating back to before 1189 or a later crown grant is the only way to confirm ownership of a lordship and that's very rare. The person transferring the legal right to the lordship/barony title has to show evidence that this person is the true owner.
The Crown only owns lordships that it can prove have no other ownership. The Crown Estate only want the most valuable of lordships and has decided that this is too much work for the value of the lordship, so make NO CLAIMS for lordships which are dormant, not in use and where the owners are not known. Otherwise, it is generally accepted that almost not a complete sets of deeds exists, so effectively there are NO OWNERS. A feudal lordship or barony which is provably not in use or dormant can only be re-assigned by the Crown or re-established (also reconstructed or restored) as a manorial lordship/feudal barony by legal process.

Real manorial or feudal Lordship titles which are not in use and provably dormant can be fully legal re-created or re-established (also defined as restored or reconstructed), aquired and transferred by legal process.
But only!!! If the seller has
1. the longstanding expertise and authority AND is
2. in possession of the legal rights researched and provided by Senior London Barrister
to bring back unused and dormant historic feudal titles in use, as a so-called "incorporeal hereditament".
And in fact, there is currently only Manorial Counsel Ltd. the only one recognised title vendor with many years of experience in this field who is in possession of this unique and complicated legal process and in application of the new legal rights. This is absolutely important to know in order not to fall into the trap of newer scammers. More about this below.

Caveat Emptor!

If you are thinking of acquiring a manorial lordship title, trust only a long experienced and established title dealer with proven legal support from Senior London Barrister and several UK registered Solicitors (SRA)/lawyers as previously mentioned.

Selling manorial lordship titles is a lucrative business these days, and in addition to reputable dealers, fake title dealers have recently been popping up with all kinds of promises (fake copied deeds, title registers etc.) that are only copied by others (infringement of copying rights) without any fundamental knowledge of their own. Unfortunately, the trade in feudal lordship titles is not regulated and protected in the UK. Recently, there have been absolutely dubious and criminal fraudsters who try to sell titles they have no legal basis to interested people which are simply fakes with forged documents. Lately, they are springing up on all kinds of platforms to make a quick buck.

Unfortunately, there are only very few honest, independently reliable and trustworthy sources, even if they claim the opposite. So much caution is needed so that money is not wasted on nothing but worthless paper. Therefore, thorough research of so-called vendors is recommended and copycats, imitators and fraudsters can be identified very quickly. A simple research on the internet for the seller's name, for example, will reveal some criminal backgrounds! Just to note, don't be fooled, REAL manorial or feudal lordship titles are NOT available at bargain prices! and certainly not available for one or a few hundred pounds. These are usually quite expensive (starting from several thousand pounds sterling at least) and with this a valuable investment for future generations. A serious and distinguished appearance can also make the difference. A look at their personal appearance can obviously provide insight. Therefore, caution is advised! Don't fall for the new title scam from criminals! Unfortunately, such ominous figures are not the only ones spreading untruth and nonsense.

A relevantly well-known society doesn't like competition, so they seemlingly engage a Lord of the English aristocracy to write letters to their competitors' clients telling them they've bought a fake title and that he is the authority as 'nobleman'. This deluded, ignorant and narrow-minded Lord, knows NOTHING about manorial law, only harasses, attacks and insults others as fake. Even if he is mentioned in places as an expert who exposes (just because he comes from an English aristocratic family) he does NOT have the slightest knowledge about English common law, property law or manorial law. So they try to discredit their competitors' clients.
However, most so-called experts in feudal lordship titles or sellers are not at all familiar with the complex manorial law and, in fact, only very few lawyers (solicitors) are specialised in this field.

Always look for Proof of Authenticity, that the Conveyance Deeds contain the following documents signed by UK registered Solicitors:
1. Statements of Truth from UK registered Solicitors (Lawyers) confirming the Deed of Creation AND
2. Solicitor's Letter confirmed by UK Registered Solicitor (SRA)!

Ensure that the Solicitor is registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority and has a SRA number! Only then he has a licence.

For these reasons, advice from renowned and highly reliable Manorial Counsel should be sought before any transaction of title transfer. This leading authority in manorial law and in dealing with Lordship and Barony Titles handle such transactions and convey such titles in accordance with the new legal rights. At Manorial Counsel they have the largest selection of Lordship and Barony Titles for sale in the internet. As specialists in this field they are always very helpful, extremely professional and competent in manorial law, and answer all questions without obligation. Two Senior London Counsels (Barristers) have identified a law and legal authorities to bring dormant or unused Lordship and Barony titles back in existence. Six UK registered Solicitors have reviewed the barristers work and confirmed its validity.
As proof of authenticity of each manorial or feudal lordship title, the Conveyance Deed includes confirmations of legal rights from two SRA-regulated Solicitors (Lawyers) and additionally a 'Solicitor's Letter' from a third Solicitor (SRA), confirming the legal transfer of ownership.
This certifies that the obtained title is a real English manorial Lordship title and not a waste of money for worthless paper of a fake title. In this way legal assigned manorial Lordships and feudal Baronies by Deed of Conveyance are generally accepted. As a recognised authority with legal support in this field, Manorial Counsel has the authority to publish notices of legitimate title transfers in The Gazette.
Only a Legal Notice of transfer of a lordship title published by acting Solicitors in The Gazette (formally The London Gazette) guarantees the validity of the title!
The so-called 'Legal Notices' from non-legal private persons or alleged sellers on all other internet platforms or non-recognised private "manorial sales register" are complete legally invalid and to be seen as fake, these are absolutely nonsense! Don't fall for it, don't give your money away!

Title Registry  -  caution is required!

In 2003 the Land Registry (as the only government agency) ceased registration of manorial titles. Currently exists NO independent, reliable and officially recognised English Lordship and Barony Register or other so-called Register to record any feudal title in legal ownership entirely correct and truthfully. These and others are purely private websites, which are not legitimized by official authorities, even if this gives the impression. The alleged registers are neither relevant, neither are they kept correctly. Any register or a so-called Guild of Manorial Titles which purports to be an official English Register in any form carries NO significance or authority in law and is a fake. It is only a collection of titles alphabetically sorted. All is very easy to find on the Internet or in books, to collect and to publish. It's not very difficult and not a big deal to find what you're looking for quickly. So not all is true and has NO relevance (e.g. copyright and registered in such a registry IS fake!). Even if it is stated that the register is published in book form every year and lodged with several National Libraries in the UK (British Library, National Welsh Library, Scottish National Library and the libraries of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge) this does NOT mean that such a manorial register is genuine. And it is questionable whether the British Library or any other large library accepts such online self-publishing books at all, especially if they are not officially authorised manorial registers. This is just to give the appearance of seriousness. So be careful! There are just people who have no sense and decency and are fraudsters. These so-called registers are ALL FAKE, these are springing up like mushrooms at the moment, but with what true intention. Don't be fooled by pretty colourful certificates with spurious seals, produced in copy and paste manner, where pictures are copied from various internet sites and homepage without their owner's consent. Infringement of copyrights and unauthorised use of the property of others. Always adorn oneself with other people's feathers.

Since the Land Registry ceased registration of manorial titles, there is NO longer the opportunity to record officially who owns which title!!!

But in fact there is still ONE official register, namely 'The Gazette' (formally 'The London Gazette') in which Lordships and Baronies are published and registered. 'The Gazette' is the official journal of record of His Majesty's Government and is published by TSO (The Stationery Office) under the superintendence of His Majesty's Stationery Office (HMSO), part of The National Archives. As the publication is limited to the legal community all its entries are judged to be true.

Importance of Solicitors

Importance of UK registered (SRA-regulated) Solicitors (SRA - Solicitors Regulation Authority*)

SRA-regulated Solicitors will in principle verify whether the selling company or person is the legal owner and does the owner have the legal right to sell the title at all. Solicitors examine and confirm as well the legal assignability as the conveyance.
These law firms employed by the title dealer (at the above mentioned) are legal experts in English Common Law, English Property Law and of course in Manorial Law.

What is a SRA-regulated Solicitor*?

All practising solicitors must be registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and are given an SRA registration number. On the websites of the SRA and the Law Society can be checked if a solicitor is legitimate. It is a criminal offence for someone in the UK to claim to be a practising solicitor who is not. All solicitors also have to adhere to a strict code of conduct and each year many solicitors are struck off by the SRA for not meeting these standards. If someone claims to be a "lawyer" a search should be made for the registration number, which can then be checked with the professional bodies, the Solicitor's Regulatory Authority and the Law Society, where they must be registered.

*Please note: UK Registered Solicitors (SRA) will of course NEVER work against the law, because they risks to loose their licence!

Solicitor's Confirmation Letter with proof of conveyance  

This legal document (Solicitor's letter, Confirmation letter of introduction or statement) of a Solicitor (SRA) to each title CONFIRMS LEGAL TRANSFER, FULL LEGAL OWNERSHIP and PROVES AUTHENTICITY to the respective manorial/feudal title absolutely reliably. The Solicitor's Letter is used to PROVE the legal transfer and authenticity of the lordship or barony title as such.

The following link will bring you to a very good and interesting short article on the legal acquisition of genuine English Lordship titles. Click on the picture to read.

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